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Our 8 module self-guided video course is designed to help you find stability through the changing seasons of your financial life.

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Retirement – Doing Your Dollars Differently

It is a new, exciting life season!

Now is the time to define and refine what retirement means to you!
Have you ever considered what it means to “refire”, or “rewire”?

This course is designed to help you put the financial mindsets and modalities in place to support you in creating YOUR version of true prosperity, not succumbing to what the financial services industry or the media says it “should” be.

Now is the time to define and refine what retirement means to you!  

Have you ever considered what it means to  “refire”, or “rewire”? 

Retirement is a huge transition, abounding with uncertainty.  Market fluctuations, taxation concerns, cash flow sustainability. Add to that health ambiguity, family communication and cognitive capacity - there is plenty to be concerned about.

It is also replete with opportunity to use your time, skills and financial resources to relish this season, living a life without regrets.

Our eCourse has four major sections:

This eight module course will educate, and empower you around the tools, techniques and temperaments to make the most out of this prolific, profound time of life.

Explore the first module and exercises during the first week, then the other modules become available to you.



Never before has a generation had the opportunity to spend so much time in a season of life. How do you amplify your days and your money to make the most out of your go-go years, anticipate the slow go years and prepare for the no-go years down the road?

How Money comes to you

You are making a monumental shift in how you get your paycheck!  For the bulk of your life you exchanged hours in your day for dollars in your pocket.  That is about to change.  Do you want to maximize what you get from the assortment of financial vehicles you have accumulated over the years?  Do you want to do it tax efficiently?  We will help you bring it in with integrity, competency, dignity and joy.  We will educate you as to what is different from previous generations and what your opportunities are now.



The distribution phase is fundamentally different from the accumulation season in your life. What do you need and where will it come from as you manage the inherent personal and financial obstacles and opportunities that will abound.

How you can share what you have wisely

A healthy financial life in retirement includes sharing what you have.  Let’s make sure you have enough for yourself and that you are giving in ways that reflect who you are and what is important to you.  We will empower you to leverage your giving either now while you are alive or after you are gone.



Do you want to find a balance between vacation and vocation? What questions do you need to ask yourself as you decide how much you spend? What does your financial personality have to do with the sustainability of your resources?

How you can continue to grow your financial and character assets

Why do you want to continue to grow your resources in this stretch of life?  We will help you clarify your motivators and then look at ways to optimize your potential.   



Passing on financial assets is just one facet of creating your legacy. What do you want to be remembered for? Who do you want to be remembered by? We will dig into the best financial tools to leave, but more importantly how to write a legacy letter that passes on so much more.

How you spend within safe boundaries and joyful intention

Reconnect with what is important about your money and how you use it.  Get and stay out of debt as you discern where you money goes.  Discuss with those who are impacted by your financial decisions and create healthy mindsets around your decisions.

7 days to try the course


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You are fully protected by our money back guarantee. If you participate in the course and are not satisfied, simply contact us within the first week of purchase and our helpful support staff will promptly issue a refund.


Along with video, reading, and personalized participation content, you will have access to additional resources to facilitate and encourage your learning opportunities.


In our first week together, you will define what a healthy financial life looks like to you in your fall season of life.  You will take a financial self-assessment that will help you set your intentions for the course. 

The areas you have growth potential over our other eight modules together are:  

  1. The new ways money will be coming your way.
  2. How you share resources. 
  3. How and why you want to grow and nurture your financial life
  4. How you can protect yourself and your finances
  5. How and why you make spending decisions

You will explore the foundational benefits of gratitude and mindfulness.  We will then dig into the quantitative elements as you gain a deeper understanding of how some financial tools work and the difference between fixed and variable income sources.


After our first week the course opens up.  Explore the modules freely and ask questions in the facebook group.

You will build on where your money is coming from and start creating your intentional spending plan.  This will be a work in progress as you build on it over the next six modules.  You will gain a deeper understanding of different types of retirement income and start connecting with your current spending choices. 


In the third module we will explore why giving is a vital part of a healthy retirement life.  We will look at the personal benefits and examine who you want to be as a giver.  We will educate you as to creative modalities to leverage your financial giving – either while you are living, or upon your passing.  The taxation benefits don’t hurt as you build a giving strategy into your intentional spending plan!


At our halfway point, we will delve into the benefits of growing and nurturing your financial life in your unique version of retirement.  You will clarify your “why” and then we will drill down on how to best create wealth to address the opportunities and concerns around:

  • Longevity
  • Liquidity
  • Lifestyle
  • Legacy

You will build aspects of growing your financial life into your intentional spending plan as it fits into your version of true prosperity.


Heading into your fall season of life, protection takes on a whole new dynamic and in module five we will explore different elements of safeguarding both your personal identity and financial resources.  From elder abuse to the financial implications of long-term care costs, protecting yourself and family members is paramount.  What do you need to include in your spending plan to cover the transfer of risk or to build wealth as you deem appropriate?


Protecting your legacy is the topic for our time together in module six.  This will include looking at the difference between wealth transfer and estate planning.  We will look at the tools that will serve you and your family and how to use them wisely. 


We start winding down our time together in module seven with one of the driving elements – how to create safe financial boundaries and make spending choices.  

There are tools you will explore to clarify your values and how you want to use your money to support you in living a life of no regrets.  You want to be in charge, and this module will leave you feeling a victor, not a victim. 


Our wrap up will include looking at the challenges of change and how you want to build on your successes over the course, or address some of the challenges.  You will have created new mindsets around your money and understand your financial resources in new ways.  Knowing that none of us will ever have complete control over anything in our lives, you will feel empowered in your financial choices as you move into and through your retirement years.

What happens when you sign up

You will be guided by Danielle Howard, CFP® through this insightful, educational eight module course.

You will have participatory work to complete.

The more you participate, the more perspective you will procure

  • This is a WORKSHOP so you will have homework to complete along the way.
    • (Don’t worry – no grades will be given ;-)
  • ​​These materials are both qualitative and quantitative in nature.
  • You have one week to try the course, then explore freely.
  • You will have additional resources (readings, podcasts, videos) to further delve into each of the topics.
  • You will be part of a Facebook community with facilitated opportunities to engage, encourage and educate each other.

Participating in this class will educate and empower you to do YOUR dollars differently in order to live YOUR version of true wealth!

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