The Social Security Puzzle – What is your strategy?

Our presentation will unpack answers to:

  1. Will it be there for me?
  2. How will recent changes impact me?
  3. How much will I receive?
  4. How do I maximize my benefits?

Benefit points to ponder as you
maximize your Social Security benefits:

Type of benefits

Spousal, retirement and disability benefits are all separate “buckets” with Social Security.  

Depending on a multitude of factors, you may want to tap into one bucket for a period of time before dipping into another one.


When to take benefits

Social Security impacts what you pay in taxes, what your Medicare premiums are going to be, and how you will hedge against longevity risk.  

It impacts you and your spouse.   Don’t make an emotional decision – your choice will be set in stone after a short amount of time!

Your Next Steps

Doing your dollars differently in retirement is not difficult, but it does take diligence, direction, discernment and determination.  

Decide now that you are not a victim of circumstance, but a victor to the best of your ability.

Social Security is just one multi-faceted piece of your complex distribution plan.  It needs to be considered collectively with other financial components as well as in concert with your personal life circumstances.

~Danielle Howard, CFP®

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