Remodel Your Retirement

Why would you renovate your home or remodel a room?  

  • To create exactly what you want
  • To make your dream a reality
  • Increase the comfort or how you enjoy your space
  • Fix safety issues
  • Increase efficiencies and functionality
  • Increase the value 

These are the same reasons you want to remodel your retirement!

  • Create a vision of what you really want and why it is important
  • Increase your comfort around what you have and truly enjoy it
  • Fix or recalibrate financial tools that may no longer be functioning properly
  • Increase the efficiency and functionality of your financial assets while taking taxes and legislation into account
  • Maximize the intrinsic and extrinsic values of your retirement season 

These two-hour discussions are full of engaging, interactive and insightful dialogue.

We will provide new ideas around:

  • Envisioning your unique style of prosperity
  • How to be pro-active and live a retirement life by design, not default
  • The impact of current legislation and tax laws on your bottom line
  • Which financial tools are best positioned to maximize your opportunities for lifestyle, liquidity, longevity, and legacy goals 

Gather a group of friends or fellow employees that are within five years of retirement and engage in a new narrative around this exciting time of life. 

Danielle Howard public speaking

So much about retirement is dated, stale, lackluster and not functioning as intended! 

Is it time for a remodel? 

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