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My Granddaughter – Good News – Bad News
Last September, we welcomed Zaylee Jean into the world – our first grandchild.  She is, of course, perfect in every[...]
Nine Rights You Have When Seeking Financial Advice
Pitkin County Library hosted a Financial Advisor Panel to start off April’s Financial Literacy Month.  It was a chance for[...]
Retirement Income Literacy – You Don’t Want To fail This Test!
Our aging population is lacking in knowledge around vital topics such as long-term care, Social Security, preserving assets, Medicare planning[...]
Cancelling Our Trip Felt Good – Here Is Why
This past summer, my husband and I kept running into people who had been to Europe on bike trips.  Every[...]
Get Naked With Your Money – Wrinkles, Bulges And All!
Financial intimacy changes as we age and I want to do it with dignity and grace!  In our early years,[...]


Episode 26 — The Four Elements of a Well-Rounded Financial Workout
We take care of our physical health by stretching and building stamina, strength, and stability. But did you know that[...]
Episode 25 — Using the Four S’s of Physical Health to Strengthen Your Fall Season — With Guest Amanda Wagner
When the time comes to retire and rewire, your financial life isn’t the only thing that changes. In today’s episode,[...]
Episode 24 — Strengthening the Financial Seeds of Tomorrow Through Financial Literacy — With Guest Kirsten McDaniel
What financial advice do you wish you could give your younger self? At Youthentity, children and teens are learning the[...]
Episode 23 — Live by Your Values and the Beauty of Enoughness — With Guest Lynne Twist
How do your values flow through your everyday life? Today, Lynne Twist joins Danielle Howard for an eye-opening episode on[...]
Episode 22 Uncovering Your Next Best Self With Guest Donna Lee Humble
When was the last time you focused on taking care of you? Joined by Donna Lee Humble, a certified holistic[...]