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Three Ways To Tune In A Better Financial Frequency
As I got out of my car, the ringing of the Salvation Army bell evoked a warm smile and I[...]
The Talk – Five Financial Conversation Tips For Aging Parents
We recently celebrated my dad’s 85th birthday. My mom will turn 80 in January. They live in their own home[...]
When Financial Goals Aren’t Enough!
Historically, your financial advisers job to help you reach your financial goals. You want to retire, travel, or buy that[...]
Help Spread SDT In Retirement
Are you consumed with guilt, shame or resentment that you don’t fit the mold that the media, and our culture[...]
1st Responders
Summer of 2018 has been punctuated by natural catastrophes.  Fires, volcanoes, and hurricanes have held the headlines.   In our Colorado[...]


Episode 18- Financial Affirmations Part 4 – Spending Money within Safe Boundaries and with Joyful Intention
Do you set safe boundaries for spending money? Are you making purchases that feed your soul or stoke your ego?[...]
Episode 17 – Financial Affirmations Part 3 – Growing, Protecting, and Nurturing your Financial Life with Diligence, Wisdom, and Care
People often believe that positive affirmations are like magic — just say them enough and it will happen. However, it’s[...]
Episode 16- Financial Affirmations Part 2 – Sharing Financial Resources with Moxie and Momentum
The mindset many people have around giving can sometimes diminish the significance of generosity. Oftentimes, we give without having a[...]
Episode 15- Financial Affirmations Part 1 – Bringing Money into your Life with Integrity, Dignity, and Grace
Danielle Howard is determined to change the way people see retirement. Our media and financial services industry have led us[...]
Episode 14- Spreading SDT in Your Golden Years
Our culture, media, and financial industry are constantly telling us what our retirement season should look like. You may even[...]