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My Fridge, My Emotions, My Finances
I had been away at conferences for over a week and my husband, Mark joined me for the final few[...]
Retirement – Time To Engage And Unleash Your Daemon
The DAEMON In David Brooks “The Second Mountain – A Quest for a Moral life”, he writes about the daemon. [...]
Financial Lifeline? Seven Discernment Tips For Assisting Adult Children
We are a blended family with four children.  It was far from easy to deal with financial decisions as they[...]
Motivation – It Can Change On A Dime
We looked at the weather app and saw we had a three hour window to get our bike ride in[...]
The Rules – They Are A Changin’ (Again)
Things are brewing in Washington, D.C., that will impact your opportunities to build financial resources for your future. If you[...]


Episode 37 — Protect Yourself And Your Loved Ones From Fraud — With Jason Gross
How are you protecting yourself and your aging loved ones from fraudulent behaviors? In today’s episode, Danielle Howard brings in[...]
Episode 36 — Putting Commitment-Making At The Center Of Your Life
Every once in a while, you probably read a book that you can't put down. It grabs your heart and[...]
Episode 35 — Steps to Aging Well — With Tina Staley
We all want to age well, no question about it. But in our changing society, in which we’re living longer[...]
Episode 34 — 4 Areas of Preparation for Your Life Season Transition
Your fall season of life will be very different than your summer season. As you prepare for the oncoming transition,[...]
Episode 33 — Mastering the Non-Financial Side of Your Fall Season — With Denis Wuestman
Through years of experience, Danielle Howard has learned that rewiring to something — not from something —makes a big difference[...]