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Meet Danielle Howard, CFP®

Danielle Howard is a Certified Financial Planner®, author, speaker and personal finance thought leader. Her 27 years of client engagement and financial world experience has led her to become a catalyst for change around the financial tools, techniques and temperaments that construct a person’s financial life. Understanding the integrations and implications of a whole-life perspective on money mindsets and financial decisions, she guides people on the progressive journey of financial wellness.

Bridging the gap between Wall Street and Main Street, she brings complex financial topics and concepts down to earth. She opens the door to new conversations around money, breaking down the taboo topics of the past to engage, educate, encourage her audiences.

Danielle is the principal (or owner) at Wealth By Design in beautiful Basalt, Colorado, were she and her team walk along side their clients in “optimizing financial possibilities, unfolding life potential”.

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What is Your Financial Revolution?

We are living in unprecedented times. There are daily shifts in technological, societal, relational and workplace trends. Life expectancy is increasing and financial challenges are expanding. Why do people still cling to antiquated, obsolete financial mindsets and mechanics? Recognizing, revitalizing and releasing the full power of money to accomplish what is paramount in life allows people to life in financial integrity.  It is a journey to discover what true prosperity means to everyone and what tools, techniques and temperaments will help move them towards optimal financial health.

Healthy, vital relationships with money and the choices we make will birth thriving families and sustainable economies. The ripple effect will be felt in businesses, communities and nations. This book was written to educate, encourage and empower people on their financial journeys to engage in new conversations around money and do dollars differently.  Danielle shares stories, insight and wisdom about the nature of money, as well as the opportunities to embrace; and the pitfalls to avoid in every economic, financial and personal life season.

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Do you want to explore the mindsets, manners and methods  of a healthy financial life?  No matter what economic, financial or life season you are experiencing, this book encourages and educates you in how to become the next best version of your financial self!

50% of book proceeds will benefit youth financial literacy organizations

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Wealth Done Differently Podcast

Danielle shares insight into the the financial tools, techniques and temperaments needed to make the most of your retirement dollars and relationships.  
Danielle bridges the gap between wall street and main street bringing complex financial topics down to earth. Danielle will Educate and inspire you as you define and refine your version of prosperity.