Episode 22 Uncovering Your Next Best Self With Guest Donna Lee Humble

When was the last time you focused on taking care of you?

Joined by Donna Lee Humble, a certified holistic wellness coach specializing in bioenergetic testing and emotional release, Danielle Howard discusses how women can uncover their best self using Donna’s three Rs from her Higher Self-Care Series.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The importance of rebalancing and how it affects all areas of our lives
  • Real life examples of women’s transformations after moving through the three Rs
  • How often you should rebalance, reframe, and release emotions
  • What to do when you feel overwhelmed with emotion
  • How Donna’s three Rs also apply to our financial lives
  • And more!

Join Danielle and Donna now to learn how to use rebalance, reframe, and release emotions for a better you!



[00:00:02] Welcome to the Wealth Done Differently Retirement Podcast. Danielle Howard a certified financial planner shares insight into the financial tools techniques and temperaments needed to make the most of your retirement dollars and relationships. Danielle bridges the gap between Wall Street and Main Street bringing complex financial topics down to earth. Danielle will educate and inspire you as you define and refine your version of prosperity.

[00:00:35] Hello and welcome to Wealth Done Differently Retirement with Danielle Howard a certified financial planner. I am really excited about this podcast today. Danielle has brought in the guest and it’s Donna Lee Humble. She is a bioenergetic technician, emotional release expert, an international holistic lifestyle and wellness coach and she’s been coaching since 2001. Good morning ladies how are you?

[00:00:57] Lovely thank you Aric. Wonderful. Thanks

[00:01:00] Donna, I’m so excited you’re here. I’m excited to hear what you have to say. And I’ve never heard of a bio energetic technician I’ll just be honest and right up front. What does that mean?

[00:01:10] Bio energetic testing is a computerized device that can tap into the Meridian points through the fingers and toes and detect cellular toxicity, wow, and then with that we dive in and find all the toxins around the cells at a given time. And at that point we can match a person with a holistic remedy that their body chooses through the device. Wow

[00:01:41] Interesting. I don’t want to dive too deep into this Danielle. I am so excited that you brought her in. Because that is interesting I’ve never heard of that. So how did you guys meet?

[00:01:52] Donna has been working here in the Roaring Fork Valley for quite some time. I attended a workshop that she gave she asked some very poignant questions that had an impact on me and I decided to explore it a little further with her. And I found her approach very refreshing. Something that was different. I work with people face to face and I appreciated that perspective with Donna that it was a face to face interaction. As we looked at diving into how to become my best my next best self. So it was a great time for us to work together and fit in well with what I try to do with clients which is bring them to their next best self and their financial life. So we had a lot of synchronicity in the type of work we do. Donna serves exhausted super women struggling with that overdoing over giving and overthinking and when that happens you have a lot lower energy. You may have a lot of emotional eating chronic health issues and so she facilitates the journey of health for women to become empowered creative and the vibrant leaders that we want to be. And I so appreciate the opportunity to talk with her today.

[00:03:18] All right well let’s get going. What are we talking about.

[00:03:21] I thought we would dive into the three Rs from her signature program of Seven Secrets to higher self care. I know 2019 is the year of self care for many people it’s the big buzzword out there. And I think it’s very complex it’s multifaceted and the opportunity to talk to Donna today about at least some of the different aspects that she focuses on. I’m excited about it. I thought we’d start with the first R is looking at rebalancing and Donna can you share with us a little bit about what you look at when you’re walking alongside your ladies and how to balance or rebalance their lives.

[00:04:07] And so I’d love to share that. Thanks so much Danielle for that introduction. I want to back up just a little bit and talk a little bit about higher self care and the higher self care really talks about and addresses our connection to source, our connection to peace and the three Rs or about how the interferences the barriers to that peace that we have that’s there all the time. But our process is to work through each of the barriers and the first one that Danielle is speaking about so that we can reach that higher Self care is rebalancing the physical world that we live in. It’s very difficult to keep our world balanced as you know we have to eat sleep exercise take care of our finances our career or our purpose in life our relationships our spirituality and more. And it’s a balancing act and we’re one of those areas is out of balance. It creates an imbalance in all areas.

[00:05:19] Thank you Donna. I so Appreciate that idea of rebalancing because in our lives every aspect has a financial implication. We both use a wheel where we walk through with clients you know where do you feel out of balance in your life. My focus is on what financial behaviors or implications and how do they impact those different facets of your wheel. And as you look at how to help women rebalance that area I help folks take a look at the financial implications and how we want to get the juice rollin and rebalancing your life. Let’s dig into your second R which is. Release. Release the emotional barriers. Can you talk to us about how you work with clients on releasing?

[00:06:16] I love to actually that’s my favorite. Are is the really same. Because that’s the one I had the most challenge with Danielle I had years of unprocessed emotion which can create dis ease in the body as well as dysfunction in your life and releasing emotion is so important to life because if we are carrying around heavy bag of unprocessed emotion it’s going to color our life. All areas of our life we won’t be able to make good decisions. We won’t be able to rebalance our life. And it’s really very simple to release emotion. It’s scary at first and that’s why it’s good to get a qualified coach to help you with that. But now that I’ve learned to do it myself and I share it with my clients I find that it is probably one of the most powerful things we can do especially as women the most powerful thing we can do to come back to center to come back to our higher self and make great decisions and tap back into our intuition and live life as we were meant to.

[00:07:37] I think that was one of the powerful pieces that you and I did together as to to look at what emotions were holding me back. And I know for women we tend to stuff we stuff a lot because we need to show up we need to be present but sometimes we can’t be fully present because we’ve oppressed or press down these emotions. And I also feel that around financial issues there are a lot of emotional whether there are triggers or past experiences you work with people on a broad perspective of emotions. And I see that coming out when I’m in conferences with people that we have to sometimes address those emotions around financial choices around financial decisions especially as people are transitioning into this new season of life. There’s some fear around what lies down the road where money is going to come from how are we going to use it wisely. And I think if people can address that one We’ve got some emotion’s around this and then use some of the techniques that you use to let go of that to work through it. They’ll be more empowered in all areas of their life.

[00:08:57] And the beauty is as we let go and release those lower frequency emotions Danielle we come back to the peace the joy the love the acceptance that we are naturally.which is a really good place to be it’s yummy yummy place to be.

[00:09:21] Our third R your third and final R is to reframe. So once you have looked at rebalancing what areas of your life do you need to rebalance looked at releasing the emotions that are maybe tied in holding you back in some of these areas. Then we start to look at reframe.

[00:09:42] Can you share a bit about what that looks like for women especially those who may be reframing their life in the second half. Reframing is dealing with the thoughts the thinking are negative thoughts the negative mind chatter that literally controls us. The old beliefs that are no longer working for us. Reframing is dissecting those thoughts really looking at them because half the time we’re going on and on and on and on in our head controlling our life without us realising that on an unconscious level creating imbalance in our life and even disease. As well as it’s the reason we are overwhelmed with the emotion because it starts with a thought that’s not true that we’re thinking in our head and then our our emotions get out of control. The thought feeds the emotions so this is really the most crucial R is reframing the thoughts that we’re thinking looking at them dissecting them and then turning them around into a thought that makes more sense that helps us rather than hinders us.

[00:10:59] Exactly. And I think that’s so powerful. You’re actually rewiring the neuro pathways in your head too. There’s a lot of research in this area now that we are actually able to change our behaviors our circumstances when we rewire our brains when we refire the neuro pathways. I think it is incredibly powerful as people move into this new season of life that we take a look at what has retirement meant in the past and how might we want to reframe what this future looks like for us based on what’s our version of success what is true prosperity mean for us. And you work with people especially women who have you know mindsets again that may be holding them back from their full potential to reframe whether it’s their health whether it’s their relationships whether it is what other areas do you see women really struggling with on this rebalancing and reframing.

[00:12:14] Well if I may I’d like to give a couple of examples. Please. Women who have moved through the three Rs. Some of what was holding them back in their financial world Herbeck and you know because that’s what we’re here for Right. Actually I could use Danielle’s help in my class world. I’m grateful to be here today in the rebalance the physical world that we live in. Part of the protocol is to balance the area that is the most out of balance and I worked with a client we’ll call Jodi and she found some areas.

[00:12:53] Her finances weren’t great she found some areas. I think it was relationships it might have been spirituality or something and she decided to take one action step to correct the imbalance in her life that had nothing to do with finances.

[00:13:11] When she did that she came back to me in about 14 days and said that her finances automatically rebalance themselves by her taking care of that most important issue. Interesting. Rather than procrastinating and I thought that was amazing.

[00:13:30] Yeah that’s exciting. I mean I can sit with people and I can crunch all the numbers and I can tell you what you quote unquote should do and that would leave you feeling you know guilty or ashamed or Stressed because put another item on the list of things that you need to do but to go through the process of choosing to. What do you want to make a choice around doing one percent different in another area of life. I love that it does it all. Everything is interwoven Everything has that butterfly effect of, it has an impact on every other area of your life and when you decide that one area of your life isn’t working for you and decide to choose to step into it with a new mindset with a new vigor it will change every other aspect of your life.

[00:14:21] Absolutely. The other example I like to share in this three Rs is the reframing. I had a it was during the workshop a woman named Barbara. She had had a friend who had left her high and dry with like 3 months of back rent and she was let’s put it in a word angry and very angry about this. So we worked with her we dissected the negative thinking the old beliefs that she had that were going around in her head actually controlling her life her day. And she worked through that and we sat there for ten minutes during the workshop working through it dissecting reframing those negative thoughts that mind chatter that was going around and around in her head. And at the end of the demonstrations she didn’t think it had done much for her.

[00:15:18] Well the class ended. We all went home. And the next day Barbara called me and told me she had received the money in full.

[00:15:30] And so the point here is when you shift your world shifts. Yes.

[00:15:35] Yes. Powerful powerful stuff and I’m so encouraged that there’s this type of work being done by you and by others and that we are basically building the choir of let’s do life differently. Let’s look at what hasn’t been working in various aspects.

[00:15:56] And how do we want to step into a courageous aspect of doing it differently and in that we are shifting everything from our relationships our spirituality our mindsets our physical health. You work with a lot of people just around what it means to eat healthy. That a lot of times the stress leads to emotional eating and how by addressing some of these components that you can actually change your physical health you’ll be sleeping better at night. You’ll be have better conversations whether it’s with family members spouses friends. I’m so excited about your work. And again I think that as people look at creating that awareness of what is not working in their life about what they want to do differently and then building their networks of support systems in learning and stepping into and getting excited about and being willing to try on a new hat or a new coding as you may call it to try it on and see if it’s a fit and if it doesn’t. Sometimes that opportunity to change is the hardest thing that stepping into oh my gosh change is Hard it’s scary. And I’d rather just stay in my own uncomfortableness because that’s what I’m familiar with. And what would it look like to become a better person or better you’re better next self. I just encourage people to step into the opportunity.

[00:17:39] I love what you just said. Danielle thank you.

[00:17:42] The way I work with women is to tap into their inner knowing so that I’m not telling them what to do but they’re accessing what’s already there that’s maybe being blocked by physical imbalance by emotional overwhelm or negative thinking. We remove that and then we could tap into that knowing and they know exactly the intuition is amazing and directs us to do and be and live exactly as we were meant to.

[00:18:17] Ladies I appreciate this is fascinating to me. That was great conversation. Donna do you mind if I ask you a couple questions real quick. Not at all.  right so I’m looking at the three R’s. Well it seems to me and I’m just looking at my own life I’ve got what I would call the big four for women in my life I’ve got my mom. I’ve got a sister. I’ve got my wife and I’ve got my daughter. And I’m constantly thinking about you know what can I do to help them grow. My daughter just moved out recently. What can I help her do to establish her life. And these three R’s are so important and when I hear you saying or what I kind of glean from this is that the rebalance part is something that you should probably kind of schedule yourself almost to revisit. OK. How was my balance right now. Do you recommend that clients kind of look at that on a monthly basis. Make sure they’re still balanced.

[00:19:05] I recommended it about every two weeks and we do have a lifestyle wheel and you can print that out and look at, the graduates and people that are enrolled in the program can take that and look at it and you know evaluate where am I out of balance right now is that my eating isn’t my relationship is it my spirituality my mindset my sleep from that.

[00:19:31] They can decide to do one or two baby steps. Not that they should do because we got enough of those in our life but that they are willing to do something that they might even get excited about doing to help rebalance that area and is nice.

[00:19:46] I look at the other two r’s the release and the reframing not as something that you visit every couple of weeks but something that you practice daily. Yes I think it is just because we all get caught in that trap right where we fail and then we think about our failure. And so it’s both the things we have to release that emotion. We have to reframe and say OK stop talking to yourself about that failure. So what. You made a mistake. You corrected it. It’s time to move on. So I think those are things you just have to practice over and over and over again. How do you help clients realize that so that they’re not what I would say beating themselves up about not doing it consistently or having those little stumbles now and then.

[00:20:27] It’s actually organic especially for women because we feel and we have emotions all the time so it’s right there in our face constantly Aric. And so that’s your anchor right there. OK I’m overwhelmed right now with an emotion. So what you do is you utilize whatever you’re feeling whether it’s grief apathy anger whatever is coming up for you utilize that and take the moment take the time. Five minutes is enough to just dive into it and allow it even more and even more. And as you do that in about 90 seconds you’re out the other side to your higher self. Once again you’re feeling peace encouragement acceptance and more. So that’s really for women it’s easy. I mean we I mean men do too but we have these feelings constantly now. If it’s an overwhelming feeling you must dive into the emotion. If it’s not overwhelming you can use the reframing technique where you just look at the thought. You write it down and ask yourself is this assumption or is that a fact. And if it is an assumption how can I reword this how can I turn it around so that it works for me instead of hinders me.

[00:21:44] That’s great. I think one of the pieces that Donna really worked with me on is that awareness of when I was getting on that negative mind track. And I tend to go to what do I need to do to solve it. You know its my…I’m a problem solver. I’m a planner. I can work my way through this. It took awhile for me to just be able to create an awareness of the emotion and be with it. Wow. And feel where it was in my body and let let it go because I wanted to immediately start replacing it with something else and analyze it. And how did I get here and where do I need to go from there. And I tend to over analyze things. And so for me to just be with that emotion to recognize the emotion because so many times throughout our lives we are told that that’s don’t don’t don’t go there you don’t want to be angry you don’t want to be fearful. You don’t want to be. And they’re all valid emotions. It’s what we do with them. It’s that acting on them that doesn’t usually service very well. And so to recognize all emotions as valid and as part of who we are and to just allow them to flow through us that’s taken me quite a bit of time and I’m still working on it. Thank you so much for your time today. Donna Lee can you share with us the best way to get a hold of you.

[00:23:16] You can reach me at BiosynergyBetterhealth.com on the contact page. Just ask for a free session with me. I am happy to gift you with that. Also I have a free gift on the Web site if I may share that. It’s emotional release guide it gives you a step by step process to release your own emotions. It’s a beautifully. It’s just five pages you can download that and learn how to do it by yourself.

[00:23:47] And even though I did the coaching with you I find myself I need to go back. I need to re-educate and revisit those those different aspects and it’s powerful to do it one on one. But just as people in my office. It’s a continuous learning curve and we tend to fall back in our own ways of doing things pretty quickly because we’ve done it for so long and we’ve got those tread roads pretty well entrenched and having that constant reminder so printing out something that you can either have on your computer or have it easy access to. I have a financial affirmation on my Web page that people can download and again print two of them off. Keep them in your car give one to a friend put one, Not that you’re supposed to but you can’t read it while you’re driving but the bathroom married up first thing in the morning and you just want to keep coming back to these tools that do work and finding the tools that work for you. It’s gonna be be just something different for everybody but keep exploring keep looking into what is the best opportunity for you to become your next best self. Thank you for being with us today again appreciate your time. The conversation. The opportunity for people to get a hold of you. If people want to explore the opportunity to work with me you can go to w w w Danielle Howard4u.com. We have the 8 session e course that is now available and excited to be able to walk people through becoming their next best financial self in retirement. And if you want to get a hold of us for a face to face meetings that’s at W W Wwealthbydesign4u.com Donna,

[00:25:39] Thank you so much for spending the time with us today. Giving us just a small glimpse of the powerful powerful things that you do for your clients.

[00:25:48] I want to also thank Danielle. Her refreshing approach to finances has helped to change my outlook for sure and I just want to thank Danielle for all that you’re doing for all of you. Thank you appreciate it and Danielle.

[00:26:04] Thank you for bringing Donna in.

[00:26:05] I had a good day but it really did get that we’re going to leave on a really great note of gratitude here.

[00:26:11] Absolutely. And the last note of the gratitude is us. Thank you all for listening to the wealth done differently retirement podcast with Danielle Howard. If you have not subscribe to the podcast yet please click the subscribe now button below. This way when Danielle comes up with a new podcast it’ll show up directly on your listening device. This will make it much easier to share these podcasts with your friends and family and the ladies that need to hear this message especially from the podcast today. Please share this. They’ll get so much value out of it. And again thanks for listening. For everyone at Wealth Done Differently Retirement this is Aric Johnson reminding you to live your best day every day. And we’ll see you next time.

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