Turning Tragedy Into Opportunity

“So that kind of led me to going, ‘wow, I’m in this business, but there’s got to be something more to it. There’s got to be, you know, a deeper aspect to it than just knowing the techniques and all of the tools and the products that were out there.’ So, after going through a process of forgiving others, forgiving myself, and deciding how to work through it. I decided that I wanted to come into the business with a little bit of a different perspective.” – Danielle Howard

As founder of Wealth by Design, LLC, Danielle Howard prides herself in walking alongside her clients to help create financial wealth by prioritizing process and planning above and beyond the traditional product-focused industry. You don’t want to miss this inspirational episode of Cambridge Stronger as Danielle walks through the different seasons of her life, and shares how she turned tragedy into opportunity. Danielle also highlights what drove her passion for independence and the importance of building connections personally and professionally. With the many hats she already wears as a business owner, financial professional, and mom, Danielle discusses what inspired her to explore ways she could make a difference in our industry and spread financial awareness, including publishing her own book.

In Episode 205: Turning Tragedy into Opportunity, Danielle Howard joins Cambridge CEO Amy Webber to discuss:

  • How the tragedy she experienced changed her perspective professionally and personally
  • How she learned to navigate the independent space leveraging different resources
  • The first steps she takes when creating a safe place for conversations with her clients

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