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Un-Judge Someone – Financially Speaking
I recently attended the “Un-judge Someone” event sponsored by The Human Library organization and the Carbondale Library.  It was a[...]
Discussing Money With Family – Are You A Thermostat Or A Thermometer?
Money remains a sensitive and complex topic yet discussing it across generations can add another layer of connection. The dynamics[...]
Navigating The Complex Terrain: Balancing Financial And Emotional Aspects of Assisting Aging Parents
I am grateful that both my parents are still with us.  Dad just turned 90 and mom will turn 85[...]
Power Of Intrafamily Loans: Tools, Legal Aspects, And Cautions
My youngest daughter has been watching the real estate market here in the valley for the past several years and[...]
How Families Build Generational Wealth
Let’s start by saying wealth is not simply financial.  Family wealth is a beautiful, colorful tapestry of values, stories, customs,[...]


Episode 42 — How To See Beyond The Tip Of The Iceberg In Your Fall Season
What do icebergs have in common with your financial life? In this episode, Danielle Howard discusses how your financial life[...]
Episode 41 — The Decade Game® — With Carolyn Buck Luce
Creating a life by design, not by default, will help you to create your best decade. In this episode, Danielle[...]
Episode 40 — Preparing Your Finances for a Great 2020
As we now sit late into the fourth quarter, are you ready for 2020? Are there things you can do[...]
Episode 39 — How To Nurture Your Relationship With Money
Writing letters or emails is a great way to nurture relationships with friends and loved ones. Why not take the[...]
Episode 38 — Are You Making Emotionally Charged Financial Decisions?
Sometimes our emotions get in the way of making good financial decisions. In this episode, Danielle Howard talks about a[...]