Doing Your Dollars Differently

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This 8 module course will help you reframe what you previously thought your retirement “should” look like.  You get to “choose” how to rewire for this season and utilize the financial tools you have with wisdom and intent to support you in creating your version of true wealth.  Read more below!

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Never before has a generation had the opportunity to spend so much time in a season of life. How do you amplify your days and your money to make the most out of your go-go years, anticipate the slow go years and prepare for the no-go years down the road?

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The distribution phase is fundamentally different from the accumulation season in your life. What do you need and where will it come from as you manage the inherent personal and financial obstacles and opportunities that will abound.

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Passing on financial assets is just one facet of creating your legacy. What do you want to be remembered for? Who do you want to be remembered by? We will dig into the best financial tools to leave, but more importantly how to write a legacy letter that passes on so much more.

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Do you want to find a balance between vacation and vocation? What questions do you need to ask yourself as you decide how much you spend? What does your financial personality have to do with the sustainability of your resources?