Ladies – Amplify Your Financial Voice in these Four Areas

Women’s voices are being heard.  We see change happening all around us.  In addition to your verbal and written expression, how can you amplify your financial voice to be a part of the transformation being felt in our world today?

We want to build on what is working and make incremental changes in the areas that need improvement.  As your financial voice increases, you leave behind victimhood and embrace healthier personal relationships.  Physical and emotional stress is diminished. You become more resilient when financial storms happen. Contentment, gratitude, peace and true joy lie within reach.


How does money come into your life?  It doesn’t matter if you are in the work force, at home managing the household finances, receiving unearned income, or on a fixed income in retirement, the first area in your financial expression is in addressing your beliefs, attitudes and behaviors about receiving it.

Is money coming into your life with integrity, dignity, competency, grace and joy?  If you feel good about how and where money is flowing into your life, you will be more intentional about the next steps in using it wisely.

We can address gender pay gap issues as we move into acknowledging what we are worth, the value we bring to the world and step up and into it.  In my field, the income gap between men and women is higher than in any other industry.  There are many reasons for this, but I know that I have personally struggled with undervaluing my expertise over the years, thinking I didn’t know enough.

In my book “Your Financial Revolution, Time to Recognize, Revitalize and Release Your Financial Power”, I discuss the need to educate and empower around facets of bringing money into your life during each of your life “seasons.”  It may be cultivating your character assets (creativity, strong work ethic, communication skills, or self-discipline) in the spring of your life to maximize your earning potential, or educating yourself around your social security, or pension options if you are headed into your fall season of life.


Women are designed to be givers.  How we do it with our money will impact the world for the better.  Do your homework.  What causes or concerns make your heart either break or sing?  How can you know that your giving is lifting people up and not enabling them to stay entrenched in entitlement mentalities?  What are the best financial tools to use in your philanthropic endeavors?  It is not “I will give someday, when I have it.”  I have witnessed people with very little, sharing generously what they have and experiencing happiness that inspires. Do it today, with passion and purpose!


Are you building your nest egg with diligence, wisdom and care?  Reconnect with your financial assets.  Why do you have them and how much is enough?  Think about the aspects of your financial life that are holding you captive and what changes you need to make  What is the first step in making a change?  When are you going to take it?

Your investments have a voice!  You can invest in (stocks) or lend to (bonds) companies with the products, services, corporate cultures, or environmental practices that you deem congruent with your values.


Take a moment to inspire yourself on International Women’s Day.

As you discern between a soul need and an ego desire, you can spend your money intentionally, bringing you freedom within safe boundaries.  Tell your money where to go instead of asking where it went.  Avoid consumer debt and the trap in thinking that material goods will fill the void in your life.  Create a spending plan and build your tribe of supporting sisters!

Resolve to become victorious around these four areas. Let go of the guilt and shame of what you have done or not done around money.  Forgive yourself and others and move forward, stepping into your next, best financial self.  Together, ladies, we are changing the world – One financial decision at a time.

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